We have been dealing with Health and Safety Training to big companies for several years.

We are spread out all over Italy thanks to a vast network of consultants. We are one of the few companies that provides organizations abroad with a company physician with a strong command of the English language, to carry out medical examinations for employees who do not speak Italian.

We are pleased to present our:

Health and safety in the workplace – General Training in English

In accordance with the current legislation, we provide two online courses: a course on general training and another course on specific low-risk training.

Both of them are online courses that are available on our e-learning platform.

The aforesaid courses are aimed at all foreign companies that have employees operating in Italy.

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About the General Course

The legislation provides the worker with the option of remote training with regard to “health and safety on the workplace” training. The training process covers all three risk categories (low, medium and high) and lasts 4 hours.

The training course includes self-assesment tests throughout the session and a final test, which will be mandatory to obtain the certificate.

Training certificate: downloadable PDF upon course completion and final test successfully passed.

Purchase it along the Specific training course and save money!

Course Main Topics - Health and Safety in the workplace Training (in English):

  • Definitions of risk and damage
  • Prevention and protection
  • Employer, Manager and Supervisor
  • Workers, Prevention and Protection manager, company physio and Workers’ Representative
  • Monitoring and sanctions

About the Specific Course

The compulsory aspect of the specific training course for low risk workers online – in
ENGLISH – comes from the provisions of the Agreement stipulated in the CSR of 7
July 2016 which provides the possibility of using specific e-learning training for
workers employed by companies included in the “low risk” category.

The training course includes self-assessment tests throughout the session and a final test, which will be mandatory to obtain the certificate.

Training certificate: downloadable PDF upon course completion and final test succesfully passed.


The content of the specific course for low risks includes (in English):

  • Risk of injury
  • Electric risk
  • Work related stress
  • Working mothers, managing emergencies, pc terminal users
  • Managing emergencies
  • Duties and scope
  • PC Terminal users
  • Software
  • Work equipment
  • Working environment
  • Work set-up


Security is not your Problem, It is our Solution.

D.Lgs. 81/08 (regulation n. 36 and 37) and following

4 Hours a course

Credit card or wire transfer

Online, e-learning; English

Evaluation quizes throughout the course and final test. Download PDF upon course completion, after final test has
been passed

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